Client Stories- SANDRA BRAKE

I met Sandra in early February, she was a referral through a family member and always joked that she had known me my whole life… Even changed one of my diapers!

She was the original owner of her home that she had built over 20 years ago. I was immediately drawn to Sandra as we walked through her home and she pointed out everything from furniture pieces to figurines to fine art on the walls and shared the unique story behind each piece. We discussed her motivations for selling, what the process was going to look like, and what she would need to do to get prepared for the market.

Sandra was looking to downsize into an apartment that would be easier for her upkeep and give her some more financial freedom.

It took a while for the perfect apartment to become available, but in the meantime we kept in touch and I would come over to help with small projects around the house while she began packing up and preparing for the move.

When the timing was right I brought in my design consultant to put an extra set of eyes on the home and make suggestions and offered to bring in some modern pieces to help tie everything together. While these meetings usually only take about an hour we spent a couple of hours as we once again walk through each room and Sandra regaled us with her stories of travel friends and the meaning behind each unique piece!

Throughout the process Sandra became more of a friend to me and in the end really felt like a family member! These special clients and special relationships are part of what makes my job so rewarding! I have yet to meet anyone else just like Sandra, probably never will, because just like each item in her home she is one of a kind!

In the end we sold her home in record time for well over the asking price, and made sure that the process was as smooth as possible. Yes, there were plenty of stressful moments as to be expected when packing up your home of 20 years, but we did everything we could together to make it fun, make it light and remind her that she always had a team!

Since the move I have enjoyed shopping trips and a little wine and charcuterie nights at Sandra’s new apartment! And I look forward to many more nights with this new client turned friend turned family member.

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I met Sandra in early February, she was a referral through a family member and always joked that she had known me my whole life…



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