The Arlington building brought about a lot of controversy when construction began in October of 2001.

Developer Jim Gross, or “the non conformist developer” as he refers to himself presented plans of the first residential and mixed retail residential high rise building in Charlotte. Original plans included a clear, or bluish glass to reflect the changing colors in the sky. The building was already controversial since the surrounding dilworth community was completely against the towering neighbor. 

And then, Gross took it one step further when the desert rose colored glass, appeared in the skyline. 

Adding to the unique color, other incredible features and amenities were added to further enhance this one of a kind building.A rooftop pool and social deck, floor to ceiling windows, concierge and security, and dog park.

Perhaps Gross had a crystal ball and could see the direction Charlotte would eventually grow. The Arlington is now considered a prestigious icon in the heart of Charlotte’s Southend neighborhood. The area now including other unique styles of restaurants, breweries, shops, and yes.. high rise condos.