Growing up in the south, casseroles, family style dinner and oversized servings were just a way of life! There’s something comforting about showing up for dinner and hearing the host say “I hope you came hungry, I’ve cooked for an army!” Unbutton those stretch pants and dig in! Now of course, I know we can’t all eat like this every day.. but on occasion it is fun, and entertaining to find some of these “larger than life” sized meals out on the town!

The first place that came to mind was Benny Pennello’s pizza shop in NoDa. Home of the “Virginia Slice” Bennys serves up some MASSIVE flavor in their pies!


Giant Cheese Slice At Bennys
Size Reference

I’ve even seen folks strap the box down to the top of their car like a Christmas Tree! Slices start at $5, and whole pies cost around $40.

Another “over served” favorite is the home of the sushi burrito! Located at Zukku sushi in Optimist Hall it’s one of many vendors in this Mill turned “Adult Cafeteria” as I like to call it! There is no shortage of mix and match style cuisine!

The Godzilla

Now who doesn’t love a good old fashioned burger? I feel like a burger is something that can always strive to be made bigger and stronger. There are plenty of delicious burger options in Charlotte, but one spot I love who’s not afraid to get funky with it is the Diamond restaurant in Plaza Midwood. The Diamond started as an old fashioned soda shop in 1945, and after changing hands a few times it has been revamped to the hip diner style restaurant it is today! You basically can’t go wrong with anything on their menu, but if you’re looking to be “over served” go for the Full-Blown-Hemi burger. A FULL pound of ground chuck, cooked to perfection, you can choose to top with cheese and go “all the way” with the classic toppings, or pick “southern style” with chili, mustard, onions and slaw. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

Full Blown Hemi- All The Way

Ready for the dessert course? Head back down to south Charlotte in the Blakeney shopping center to the Hong Kong street food inspired restaurant- Open Rice. The Bubble Waffle is there to hit every sweet tooth desire. You order in multiple steps to fill your waffle. Step one, choose 2 toppings (I’m talking fruity pebbles, nerds, poky, cotton candy crunch and more!) Step two, choose 2 drizzles, Step three, choose your ice cream filling. The fourth step of course would be to admire your creation, and take you IG worthy pics before devouring!

fruity pebbles, cookie crisp cereal, condensed milk and caramel drizzle with vanilla ice cream

Stay tuned for more servings!